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Q. What is Music Together® and what is Harmonious Horizons?
Music Together® is a research based early childhood music education program started in 1987 and now taught around the world. Harmonious Horizons is a privately owned center based in Chicago's North Shore that teaches Music Together® classes. Check out Our Classes for more specific information.
Q. Are the same songs used every semester?
No. Each ten-week semester uses a different song collection. There are nine song collections in all, presented as a three-year cycle which can be repeated. (Summer Collections are different groupings of the same nine song collections.) Because song collections are not sequential, families can start any semester.
Q. Can I try a class before I sign up?
Absolutely! Please sign up for a free demo during any one of our regularly scheduled classes.
Q. We have to miss a class! What do I do?
No problem. You are allowed a total of three missed classes in any given semester. Sign up for a make-up class any time during the semester.

Q. How does the mixed-age format work in class?

Early childhood educators recommend mixed-age grouping as an optimal learning environment. Mixed-age classrooms, besides allowing children to participate at their own level and grow at their own pace, also promote social skills and self-esteem. Older children learn from being in a leadership role, and younger children benefit from the example of an older child. The curriculum is designed to be accessible on many levels of complexity at once. Learning occurs for every child (and adult!) in the class, across all stages of music development. Children of the same age are not necessarily in the same stage of musical development. Mixed-age classes free them from any age-specific expectations.

Q. My child is loud/active/busy/energetic/etc ... is this okay?
Absolutely! We celebrate children's differences in how they learn and behave. Some children need to experience the music while running in circles around the room; others may sit silently in their caregivers lap for the entire class. Your child is there absorbing the music - no matter what! They may not act interested in class, but their brains are soaking it up and preparing to share the musical knowledge at another point in time (like later at home!).

Q. I’m not musical. Can I really help my child develop musical intelligence?

Yes! A parent is a child’s most important teacher. Research has shown that children learn dispositions or life habits from their primary caregivers. By modeling enthusiastic participation, even a parent who has difficulty singing in tune can still teach his or her child that music is fun and important— and help impart a life-long love of making music. The child will discern and ultimately learn accurate pitch and rhythm by experiencing music in class, at live concerts, and on recordings, so “non-musical” parents needn’t worry about being musical models; being music-making models is what counts.

Q. Do infants really benefit?

Yes! Studies have suggested that infants have remarkably sophisticated music responses beginning at birth; they are “wired for sound.” They may recognize songs, move their arms and legs in response to music, or even coo in the tonality of a song—and as their bodies and nervous systems mature, they will show progressively more complex musical responses. Infants actively absorb what they are see- ing, hearing, and feeling; parents will learn to recognize and support their child’s musical responses. The Growth Chart that is given to every new family helps educate parents about their child’s journey toward basic music competence and the musical milestones they pass along the way. It is never too early for a child to begin Music Together classes, and it can be particularly delightful to share in a child’s music development from infancy; parents will treasure the musical bond they share with their growing child.

Q. We're enrolled for the semester, but we're pregnant so we probably won't be able to come after the birth. Can we make-up those classes later?
We are happy to accommodate any missed classes in this case! Call or e-mail us to make a plan based on your due date and the semester schedule.
Q. I have a baby who will be coming to class with us. Do I need to sign them up?
No - children 9 months and younger are free to come to class with a registered sibling.
Q. My child is signed up for the semester but I can only attend a couple of times. Can someone else take my child to class?
Of course! Anyone can bring your child to class. Nanny, friend, uncle, cousin: music making is for everyone!
Q. How can I refer other families to Harmonious Horizons?
Send them to our website, hand them our number or e-mail, or - even better - get them a gift certificate by contacting our office. Don't forget: for every family you refer, you get a greater discount on your next semester!
Q. I have a question that wasn't answered here. What do I do?
Contact us!
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