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Ms. Tiffany and a Harmonious Horizons family - 2016

Mixed Age Class
This is the essential Music Together® class, one that a child can attend from birth through age five. Based on the recommendations of child development researchers, this class groups children of a variety of ages, which fosters natural, family-style learning. Younger children enjoy watching and imitating older ones; older children learn by leading younger ones; and adults enjoy having their whole family in class together. Each child participates at his or her own level in singing, moving, chanting, listening, watching, or exploring musical instruments. Any caregivers—parents, grandparents, nannies—can bring the children. The whole family is welcome for this important family music experience. 
Our Classes
A typical semester is 10 weeks long and explores a different collection of Music Together songs - both originals and folk songs - of varying styles. With 9 collections in total, all of the music can be experienced in 3 years - potentially two times each before they turn 6 and 'graduate' from our program. Each class is 45 minutes and involves singing, dancing, moving, and playing music.
Our research-based music curriculum is designed to follow the path of your child's natural development, helping your child achieve basic music skills like keeping a steady beat, moving rhythmically, & singing comfortably in tune. The immersive style of our classes gives your child a wealth of rich musical experiences that will provide a solid foundation for future music-making.

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Halloween Class - 2016

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